Aquatic Diagnostics at the Institute of Aquaculture

We are an international biotechnology company operating within the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling. We develop and market monoclonal antibodies antibody conjugates, and Rapid Kits to improve fish health management.

These products are particularly important for the aquaculture and ornamental fish industries. Aquatic Diagnostics is an innovative company bringing unique products to market, providing free comprehensive technical backup for customers as required and collaborating with clients to identify solutions to challenges in their local areas. 

We have been working in the field of fish immunity and fish health management at the Institute of Aquaculture since 2001. 

Customers such as fish farm health managers, vets specialising in aquaculture, academic researchers, and diagnostic laboratories, with an interest in fish health management, use our AquaMab-P and Rapid Kit products to detect fish and shrimp pathogens. 

Fish vaccine companies, fish feed companies and the ornamental fish industry also use these products, as well as the AquaMab-F and AquaMab-C ranges, to detect fish antibodies for monitoring the immune response in a variety of fish species. 

Aquatic Diagnostics