Q. How much do products cost?
A. See product list for the price or contact us for details regarding bulk orders.

Q. Are the antibodies prepared in rabbits or mice?
A. Mice, they are monoclonal antibodies. NB you, therefore, need to use an anti-mouse conjugate if the antibodies are not already conjugated.

Q. Are the antibodies conjugated? If so what to?
A. Conjugates are available to detect the immune response of specific fish species (i.e. the AquaMab-C range). These are antibody-horse radish peroxidase (HRP) conjugates.

Q. What if there isn’t a MAb against the fish species I am interested in?
A. Please contact us and arrange to send a serum sample from the fish species you are interested in. We can screen this with our MAb collection to see if any cross react with it.

Q Are pre-coated plates available?
A. Yes. These are made to order for specific pathogens.

Q. Are products shipped on ice packs or dry ice?
A. Neither. They are freeze-dried and stable.

Q. What is the carriage cost?
A. Products are sent to customers by Courier. The cost varies depending on the destination.

Q. Does ADL test samples as a service?
A. No, but contact ADL if you require a service and we can advise.

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