Koi Herpesvirus (KHV) antibody




The monoclonal antibody (Mab) against Koi Herpesvirus (KHV) is specific for this virus. The specificity of the Mab has been tested by IFAT against a range of viral pathogens that infect fish, including infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV, Birnaviridae), infectious haematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV, Rhabdoviridae), springviraemia of carp virus (SVCV, Rhabdoviriade), viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus (VHSV, Rhabdoviridae),European catfish virus (ECV, Iridoviridae), eel herpesvirus (Herpesviridae), and infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV, Orthomyxoviridae). The Mab is of an IgG1 isotype.

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